Welcome! I am now one of numerous who decided to start a blog.

Let me introduce the producer of the content you will hopefully enjoy reading; my name is Bryony and I am 20 years old. Currently studying both English Literature and Language at Cardiff University and currently with a severe lack of direction in life.

Honestly, this blog is a way for me to express anything I am interested in and to develop a taste for writing. My main interest tends to surround food, clothes and exploring new locations- suddenly making this seem like a very generic blog, but oh! well! I can get very passionate about pretty much anything, mainly books and television shows, so expect some revved up pieces (she says). Namely, my interests include shopping – when the loan comes in, heading to the gym and hanging out with my nearest and dearest.

I’ll do my very best to create enjoyable/ readable content for those who somehow find themselves browsing this blog.

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